At Oak Tree, we pride ourselves as a committed caring learning environment that treats children as individuals with different learning pace and style. We work patiently with children to understand them and tailor the curriculum to their benefit so that they gain confidence academically and as an individual.

While there is a framework and a progression of topics (“syllabus” and associated “worksheets”), what some term as a programme, a lot of the actual teaching is customised to the level of the child at that point in time. The programme provides the “roadmap” or “milestones” that the child should cover over the time they spend at Oak Tree.

Children who come to Oak Tree early allow us to begin at the start of the framework. Depending on the ability and progress of each child, the teacher moves the child forward.The less time they spend at Oak Tree, the harder the teachers have to work so that the child is ready for P1. In fact, the so-called programme is individually catered.

If the child is able and motivated, the teacher can stretch the child further, and bring him/her to his/her potential. Fast learners grasp the subject matter quicker and we expose them to more areas. They are encouraged to accelerate and are not stifled to have to go at the same pace as everyone else.

If the child has issues (e.g. family problems, slow learning ability, lack of concentration), the teacher works with the child to do what is possible – build concentration and focus, motivate, repeat exercises…etc - so as to help and motivate the child to absorb the learning. A lot of repetition and energy is used to help the child become competent.

Although there are some common worksheets for the same level, if the child can handle them well, the Centre gives them higher level worksheets to expose them, challenge and bring them up to the next level. Where the child has difficulties, and takes a longer time to complete his/her work, teachers will note this and give the child appropriate reinforcement through supplementary worksheets and practices.

Children who come to us early and go through the 4 year programme reap the full benefit of what we can offer. Those who come to us when they are older (e.g. K2), are behind the progress of children who start early with Oak Tree.

Our students have gone on to handle P1 and P2 topics confidently before they leave Oak Tree. In fact, some of our students have been selected for additional English and Maths programs in their schools when they were in P2 because of their strong foundations.

Teachers have a lot of work to do, just to build the basics and get them to the level of being ready for P1. All who have come to Oak Tree when they are in K2 cannot read or spell. We tell their parents that we need more time with the children, and the parents have co-operated fully. We have been able to pull them through – from being not able to read to being good readers, handle maths beyond the level of entry into P1, to being able to write ..etc.Even two of our weakest students who joined Oak Tree (one at K1 and the other at K2), when they leave us, have adjusted well into Primary School. For one of them, he joined a leading preschool program before he joined Oak Tree. He was not able to read and his basic Maths concepts were not strong. After having gone through our program, the teacher at another centre said that he is amongst the more advanced students. His Primary School teacher also spotted him as a very well behaved student – he is able to pay attention and stay focused in class.

The strength of Oak Tree is not in the programme per se, but in the teachers who work, essentially at one-to-one level, tailoring the pace,and adjusting the delivery to each child. Different children learn differently --- some are visual learners, some auditory learners, and some kinesthetic (movers) learners. Almost all children have only one learning style, very few have two. The teachers work with the children to strengthen even their less preferred learning styles, as these other modes also contribute to the learning process.

Besides academics, there are other areas that the Centre looks into as well - fine motor skill, gross motor skill, concentration, stamina, co-ordination, sense of order, confidence, independence, social skill, general knowledge, penmanship,… etc. It is a holistic approach.

The teachers encourage the parents to show interest in what their children do at Oak Tree. We also remind parents not to teach their children Maths at home in case contrasting teaching approaches confuse their children. Spelling is taught in school. We do not issue spelling lists as homework to burden the parents to coach their kids. We encourage parents to spend quality time with their children. When children are emotionally feel secure, they will learn better too.

Oak Tree’s programme is more than just a syllabus to cover. It is the guiding of the child through the roadmap of a syllabus, such that in the end he or she will be prepared and enabled to surpass all expectations of a child entering P1.

Our qualified teachers have successfully helped hundreds of children.

Feel free to come and talk to us, and arrange for a free trial lesson.

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