Philosophy of the Centre

1.We believe that every child has his/her own potential and that every child can learn.

2.We believe that every child is unique in his/her learning needs and learning should be paced accordingly.

3.We believe that Attitude plays an important role in learning:

a. We do not just deliver academic teaching. We monitor the children’s attitude and behaviour, and guide them accordingly.

b. We maintain discipline in our classes so that the child becomes a disciplined learner, is able to focus and concentrate independently on his/her own.

4.We believe that the child must be well prepared and be ready for formal education:

a. The local education system has certain level of expectations, academic and otherwise, of children entering Primary One.

b. Being unprepared for Primary One can affect the child’s self-esteem and self-confidence if the child is not able to make the transition successfully.

c. The Montessori method must be adapted to suit the local education system.

d. Subject enrichment serves to expand the sphere of learning but it must still remain relevant to the child.

5.We believe that the Montessori method, when applied correctly, is an effective method of education:

a. Every child has sensitive periods, which cannot be ignored, during which learning is accelerated.

b. Every child is different. The Teacher’s observation and the Prepared Environment are key in helping the child maximise his/her learning.

6.We believe in working with Parents to help the child learn better:

a. We provide feedback on the child’s academic progress as well as his/her behaviour and attitude in class.

b. We would want to work with Parents to reinforce learning at home.

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