Primary Enrichment


Enrichment classes are available for P1 to P6 students in English Language and Mathematics. These will be taught on a modular basis, progressive in nature and designed to enhance competency and capability in these subjects.

A full year comprises 4 modules. The first three modules will comprise 10 once-a-week sessions while the fourth will comprise 17 once-a-week sessions. Each session lasts 1.5hours (lower primary) or 2 hours (upper primary).

At the end of the year, after the second semester assessment, the students will also cover a programme of comprehension-book review.


A strong grasp of the English Language starts with a strong foundation in grammar and vocabulary. We believe that without a strong understanding of the grammatical rules, it will be difficult for a child to excel in the use of English.

Grammar parts will be introduced at every level in a systematic manner. Grammar and vocabulary will be reinforced through sentence construction, synthesis and transformation, cloze passage, comprehension and development of writing skills.

Creative writing skills will be cultivated using a systematic approach. Proper construction of sentences is emphasized. Descriptive words and phrases will be introduced early to emphasise the importance of writing descriptively.


The course is designed with the current primary school syllabus as the basic framework. The child is taken through basic concepts first. With each topic, there will be accompanying exercises to ensure practice and familiarity with the concepts. The students will then be progressively exposed to more challenging sums as well as thinking skill and heuristic type questions. Methods such as the use of model drawing, diagrams and tables, making a list, guess and check, looking for patterns, working backwards, using equations, making suppositions will be covered. Students will also be taught how to restate problems by simplifying the problem or solving part of the problem first. These are directed at preparing the child for PSLE.

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