Playclub (Preschool)


Playclub sessions are in the mornings, either 3 or 4-hour sessions, Mondays to Fridays.From 2015, Playclub sessions are also available in the afternoons from 2 to 5 pm, Mondays to Fridays.

Learning is based on the Montessori Concept, through guided self- discovery and concrete hands-on approach. There will be an emphasis on confidence, independence and development of concentration using Montessori materials and the work- cycle. The child will refine his senses using Montessori materials, practical life and sensorial equipment. Other activitieswill include circle time,singing, stories, rhymes, music and movement. Our students are involved inscience experiments, thematic studies, art and craft, show and tell.By these, our children will gain interests and awareness of the world around them.Social skills, grace and courtesy are encouraged.

English:The child will be introduced to sounds, phonics,reading programmes, grammar, comprehension and creative writing. Once every 3 months, the children go out for an excursion as part of the learning experience.

Mathematics: Maths is gradually and progressively introduced as part of the Montessori method, from concrete to abstract, from simple to difficult. The programme will help the child to build strong foundations in mathematical concepts.

Chinese: This is taught regularly every week as part of the sessions, in an incremental manner, through learning basic writing strokes, word recognition, sentence construction, reading and games, with emphasis also placed on verbal skills.

Each child will be assessed individually and learning will be paced accordingly.

Enrolment for Playclub is open throughout the year! We enrol one child at a time, as this enables the teacher to know the child better and gives more attention to the child to help him or her to adjust and settle down into the class. At the same time, the rest of the children will not be affected and can continue with their progress with minimal disruption.

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