Pre-Primary Enrichment


These classes are taught in modules over a 3 year period. These are progressive in nature, and are designed to bring your child to the level of academic competency that will ease his/her transition into Primary One.A full year comprises 4 modules. The first three modules will comprise 10 once-a-week sessions while the fourth will comprise 17 once-a-week sessions.


An early start to the programme has its advantages. This will help the child to read and encourage the child to cultivate good reading habits. The course is designed to enable the child to develop the appropriate level of English language skills so that he/she can cope with English at entry into Primary school education. English will be introduced through working with Montessori and other concrete materials, from a concrete to abstract manner. A comprehensive reading scheme is used, which includes phonics, phonetics and phonograms. The child is also introduced to language usage, grammar, comprehension and sentence construction. Once the child has reached a level of competency, creative writing will be introduced to enable the child to develop a head start and confidence in expressing his thoughts, and further enhance his language skills.


The course is designed so as to enable the child to have the capacity and skill to handle Mathematics when he/she enters Primary One. Mathematics will be introduced through working with Montessori and other concrete materials. The child will be introduced to Mathematics concepts from concrete to abstract manner, instead of learning by rote. We teach the child to think.

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